Sunday, February 1, 2015

How to take an Omas 361T apart

While discussing about the Omas 361 series, a fellow member at the Singapore Fountain Pen Lovers facebook group mentioned that he had problems opening up his 361T. I had the same problem so I googled a little, and found a post on The Fountain Pen Network which discussed how to do so briefly (Thanks roberto v!)

Here is how I did it (disclaimer: Follow at your own risk!)

First I had to remove the pin in the piston knob, I did this by pushing it out with a plastic toothpick, and pulling the rest out with a pair of rounded nosed pliers. After that, I unscrewed the knob all the way to remove it, it came out with any resistance.

After removing the knob, I unscrewed the piston rod a little to gain some length, then fished out the rest of the piston assembly.

To remove the cork from the assembly, I unscrewed the hard plastic screw holding it in place.

And that was it, looks like I need to replace the cork T.T. Hope this helps!

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